The King of the Sea (Volume One)

"It is a wonderfully eclectic album but one where the tracks still sit easily side by side as western pop and rock are subsumed by eastern spirituality and shimmering beauty. And for all its mercurial and wide ranging references it has a wonderfully cohesive sound one that feels natural, unforced, organic. Perhaps it isn’t an album that Nandan Gautam could have made as the younger man, when he was perhaps trying too hard. This is the sound of a musician allowing the music to come to him rather than searching it out. Perhaps two decades is worth the wait for him to make such a fantastic and singular record. Actually, there is no perhaps about it."

                                                                                         Dave Franklin


The Divine Flaw (Volume Two)



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“We live our lives in blindness, and cloak it with knowledge. Like a watch that keeps time, but knows nothing of it,” The Voice spoke. “But I will break time, so that you can know what it truly is.”  

~ The Book of Sirius

A metaphysical novel paired with two companion music albums, The King of the Sea transports you into a new dimension –  where reality lies suspended between the past and the future. Push play and you are beamed into The King Of The Sea universe, shifting from the writer's inner journey towards the truth to a fictional character’s similar quest. The memoir and the thrilling sea epic weave in and out, diving into the deepest layers of the subconscious with startling honesty and gut-wrenching emotionality, offering a wealth of insights into personal growth, self-revelation and ultimately, love.




Baku-based writer, composer and renowned yoga exponent Nandan Gautam grew up in Bangalore, India. He received his bachelor's degree in Liberal Arts from Mc Daniel College, Maryland, USA and worked at newspaper USA Today for a few years. He returned to India to study yoga and meditation for the next twenty years under spiritual master Bharat Thakur. 


He comfortably straddles several realms – teaching meditation, writing and composing music aligned to his sophisticated jazz-pop tastes and imbuing it with eastern folk sounds and meditative chants, alongside extended guitar and piano solos. "Music is a wide ocean. with endless possibilities... the challenge for me is to create a new landscape, transporting the listener into a different world and yet take them deeper within themselves to a very meditative, trance-like state."


Nine years after writing his first book, A Lie and a Truth – a crisp, breezy but incisive anthology of conversations and life experiences with his master, he completes his first multi-media project The King of the Sea. He ambitiously pairs this mind-bending metaphysical novel with two experience-enhancing companion albums. "Music is not a language. It's a vibration that can directly affect the very DNA of a person. It can go deeper than language, making you feel things that you've never felt before, and healing parts of your self that are hidden deep within the subconscious." 

Nandan composed, produced, handles all the voices, keyboards, programmed the beats and bass lines on The King of the Sea as well as The Divine Flaw. The tracks on The King of the Sea are majestically lush, rife with smart pop hooks, ear candy textures; melodic motifs with ethereal vocals alongside searing guitar solos courtesy of Tony Das and Ilia Maisuradze, and traditional Azerbaijani clarinet by Sabir Memmedov. On The Divine Flaw, Nandan also features some of the finest jazz musicians in the world – Rainer Brüninghaus (Composer/Pianist with Jan Garbarek and Eberhard Weber), Tom Schuman (Keyboardist/Co-leader of Spyro Gyra), Chad Wackerman (Composer/Drummer with Allan Holdworth and Frank Zappa) and Grammy award winner Antonio Sanchez (Drummer/Composer with Pat Metheny and composer of the original film score for Birdman), all of whom are/were part of the revolutionary bands that he grew up listening to. "My goal was to showcase each of them in a slightly different light...placing them in a context that would force their inherent musicality to take a new shape."

Both albums serve as musical counterpoints to Nandan's book narrative. "I look for untouched spaces... undiscovered realms... There is vast universe inside each of us... I try to find the doors and open them up... for myself and hopefully for others as well..."

© 2019 Copyright by Nandan Gautam