Hi and welcome to the music page for The King of the Sea.


You can listen to this music in many ways:


~ You could listen to a specific track right after reading that chapter/passage (it will pull you a little bit deeper).


~ You can play a specific track at a low volume when you start reading that chapter/passage (I recommend this).


~ You can also listen to this at any other time as you would any other album. (I recommend listening in a car alone or with headphones while taking a walk or traveling). 


~ If you don't connect with the music at first, try a few different tracks randomly. You may find a few that resonate. 


~ For some people, the music is unimportant. That's absolutely fine. For some, it's essential. I leave that to you.

Music can affect us deeply in ways we are yet to understand fully. It has the power to heal and transform aspects of our own selves that are deep and inaccessible to the conscious mind. 

I'd love to hear from each of you personally about how you liked the book, the music and what it did for you. (I will respond at the earliest). You can write to me here: nandangautam527@gmail.com  


Thank you for joining me on this inner adventure. Much love.


~Nandan Gautam

Do listen on Spotify, Apple Music or Tidal if you use their service (it helps).
Unreleased tracks and themes
from The King of the Sea